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New dining tables in the works

Dining Table Concept

As we move to grow our collection of dining tables, kitchen tables and work tables, we want to share them with you. Above you will see a CAD model of a new dining table that has some defining angles and symmetrical asymmetry... if that makes any sense!

This table features some splayed and raked legs which play really nicely off the bevelled top. We have noticed that different environments, materials and decor really dictate the look and feel of a well fitted table. This dining table is customizable and adds a really modern touch to any home. We are so excited that we are now only two months away from opening our very own furniture store in Toronto. It is there, at Designers Walk (160 Pears Ave) that our fans and customers will finally be able to see, feel and touch the items in our collection. We look forward to talking to everyone and offering customers a really intimate shopping experience. We are open to custom dining tables and even modifications to our existing dining tables.

One of the great things about buying a dining table in Toronto from us is that you have some say over the dimensions, materials and finish! If you wish to come visit us at our grand opening, then sign up below to get 30% off your first purchase!

Dustin Kroft