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Modern Office Furniture in Toronto


The office environment is changing. Companies once filled with cubicles and system furniture are opting for more "liveable" furniture. The kind of office furniture that makes employees feel at home. When I think about the designers and the manufacturers of furniture that inspire me the most, one thing stands out them; They designed/design products that straddle both the workplace and the home. As more and more businesses go digital, there is less of a need for storage at work.

We were recently commissioned by an interior design firm to outfit a Toronto office with several of our Dining Table 005's. They really make for the perfect workplace table. They can be used as a communal desk, they are incredibly durable (base is mostly made of steel) and they are easy to customize.

In addition to the tables, we also built some custom pieces to serve the employees in mobile stations. We love designing and building furniture for the workplace. If you have a new office and you are looking for a local manufacturer of furniture, get in touch. We would be happy to provide some free consultation.

Dustin Kroft