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Stir Clothing Rack 2.0

Clothes Rack by KROFT
Clothing Rack for Retail
Clothing Rack Storage

When commissioned to design and build fixtures for a local pop up in 3 weeks, we came up with a clothing rack design that worked perfectly for the occasion. But after the show ended, there was some unfinished business that I wanted to tend to regarding the design of our clothing rack. 

For one thing, it did not break down for shipping and I felt that was a must. For another, there was an opportunity for more storage across the stretchers so I had the challenge of finding a material that was soft enough to fold up but strong enough to support weight and take a little abuse.

After going over several iterations these are the changes that we ended up making on the clothes rack. The stretchers (horizontal pieces that connect to the legs) are attached using lap joints and connector bolts. We then used canvas to keep the entire assembly together and at the same time act as a shelf. Canvas gives us the ability to have fun with the material and have a material that is organic which is important in all of our products.

We will be updating our clothes rack on our online shop soon but it is now available and ready for shipping.