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Custom Furniture in Toronto

Custom Furniture Toronto

KROFT+CO is dedicated to the pursuit of building a catalogue of products but we also offer custom furniture. We believe we have a responsibility, alongside other Canadian furniture makers, to help evolve and develop the worlds view of Canadian design. We are in a constant state of prototyping to develop new modern furniture and objects. We do have a lot of customers that like our products but want something we don't currently offer.

That is where a lot of custom furniture commissions come from. We don't shy away from custom furniture because it offers our company a chance to flex new muscles and it can be a great catalyst for new product development. Common requests for custom furniture are dining tables, custom sideboards and other accent pieces around the home.

Building custom furniture is usually a more arduous process because the infrastructure usually isn't in place to efficiently build these items. But, we love being able to build a custom piece that addresses every one of our customers needs. Custom furniture can be a little more costly than buying furniture from a catalogue but there is a third option. Making slight modifications to our existing furniture line can be a more economic way to get something that is customized while taking advantage of our ability to produce our own furniture in larger batches.

Either way, we aren't picky! After all, we just want to make furniture. We hope you get a chance to browse through our collection. And, if you see something you like or wish to discuss a new custom project, reach out to us through the form below. Happy furniture shopping!

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