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Custom Furniture Spotlight: Modified Sideboard 002

We recently completed a modified Sideboard 002 with polished brass hardware. Sometimes people ask if we do custom furniture and the answer is simple: Yes! We do a lot of modifications to our own product line as well. Customers, designers and architects will take the foundation of one of our pieces and make it theirs.

We welcome customizations to our product line and completely bespoke furniture jobs as well. If you are looking for a custom furniture maker in Toronto, feel free to reach out to us with information about your project.

Below is a 56" long ebonized oak solid wood sideboard that has been slightly modified from our own Sideboard 002.

The polished brass edge pulls add a really nice touch. The double set of doors open up to an adjustable shelf. The single door opens to a felt lined drawer and an adjustable shelf as well. The solid oak case sits on bevelled cleats and hand turned oak legs.

Custom Sideboard
Modern Sideboard
Dustin Kroft