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Home Accessories for Spring

Peg Rail small in charcoal

Peg Rail small in charcoal

Spring always feels like a good time to evaluate your home and think about some fresh new additions. Spring time is also great for cleaning and getting organized. Even though we haven't taken a deep dive into accessories and objects just yet, it is something that we really want to explore.  

Modern home accessories that are as functional as they are beautiful are so easy to fall in love with. One of the accessories that we do sell that is great for spring time is our Peg Rail which is currently on sale. The peg rail - which can serve as a coat rack in an entry way or a hanging storage for a laundry room - is available in either all maple or with a linoleum face. 

Look out for more modern accessories and home decor from KROFT+CO in the near future. We will be releasing some new furniture and other products in the coming year.