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New Dining Table

New Dining Table

Prototyping new furniture never stops here. We are constantly reviewing our product line and thinking about furniture problems that need solving. One furniture item that we haven't really set out to develop is the dining table - or other tables for that matter. We have been dreaming up some different ideas for dining tables and we are so happy that we have finished prototyping our first solid wood dining table. Available in two sizes, this table features all the right curves and geometry. The joinery on this table was a little tricky as it involved developing some custom jigs to get it just right but the hard work paid off. 

It took roughly a month to get this table modelled out from concept to full scale prototype. Our focus is to build a table that can function in smaller and larger spaces by elongating the aprons and stretcher on the table frame. When we set out to design furniture it was the smaller space that we decided to focus on. The smaller dining table seats up to 6 and the longer version will seat 8.

The table will be available in white oak with an hand applied oil finish. KROFT is also in the process of developing more tables - both for dining and general purpose. We will be launching those tables soon, so stay tuned. If this dining table isn't your thing, let us know what is and maybe you can commission us to build the dining table of your dreams.