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We are really excited to announce that we have collaborated with RBW in the redesign of our new showroom. The WITT 3 is now on display over our Stir Parsons Table. RBW is the first lighting manufacturer to be featured in our showroom and we are very excited to be working with this leader in residential and commercial lighting.

Rich Brilliant Willing designs and manufactures LED fixtures for hospitality, workplace, and residential projects. Driven by technology, simplicity & creativity, the studio merges the industrial and the elegant, engineering warm, dimmable lighting solutions that are as beautiful as they are innovative. The results are intelligent and iconic, simple yet expressive. The inventory ranges from low-key staple pieces—minimalist wall-mounted sconces and ceiling fixtures—to arresting statement pieces that are as sculptural as they are functional. All RBW fixtures are UL listed, and ship from New York within 10 business days.

Witt 3 at KROFT Studio
Witt 3 at KROFT Studio

About the Witt (taken from

Witt is a modular, geometric take on the traditional chandelier. Two glowing, pearl-like luminaires are framed by the graphic outlines of five hollow brass cubes, which, like building blocks, allow for endless compositions: They can be hung in a linear procession, both horizontally and vertically; as a cluster; or at staggered heights. The sets of five can also be combined to a customized scale. The ultra-slim suspension cables are near invisible, leaving the focus on the composition.

This new addition is part of a current redesign that is taking place at our Designers Walk Studio. To schedule an appointment to see our work and the beautiful work of RBW, contact us.

Dustin Kroft