How We Are Building Trust

Buying anything online can be scary. Will I actually get what I ordered? Will it look the same as it does in the pictures? Will the quality be consistent with how they describe it? These are all valid questions!

When we set out to build our company, we knew that providing excellent value was a cornerstone of our brand. In order to offer the best value we sell direct to our customers all around the world. Behind our website is an 9000 square foot wood shop buzzing every day with talented craftsmen and women, modern woodworking equipment and an incredible amount of attention to detail.

Those things are hard to convey through something as impersonal as a website. So, how do we earn your trust? How do we prove that you can rely on us? As a first time customer, that is a hard thing to do through our online store. That is why we want to make it a little easier by offering you 15% off your first purchase. No questions asked.

Just use promo code FIRST15 when you checkout and you will automatically get rewarded for having faith in our ability to deliver. We are also always available to talk if you have any questions. Just send us an email or give us a call and hopefully we can answer any questions that you have.