Who are you?

KROFT is a design-centric manufacturer of handmade original furniture and accessories. We produce all of our products in small batches locally and responsibly in Toronto, Canada. We sell and ship our unique wares direct to the public and the trade.

What makes you different?

We have identified three things that make up our value proposition; original designs, unparalleled service and an ability to manage quality. All of our designs are original to our brand and are conceived by Founder and Lead Designer, Dustin Kroft in collaboration with the KROFT Team. We are slow designers which means our collection evolves and grows as we identify problems and solve them in a thoughtful and methodical way.

We run our operation like a service business. That means we are always accessible and we go jump through hoops to make sure your shopping experience is personal and meaningful.

Lastly, as a manufacturer, we touch, feel and see all of the products we make. We set our own policies and our own manufacturing standards. WE are responsible for everything we produce and we take that responsibility to heart.

Why should I buy from KROFT?

Because you will get a product that is well designed, impeccably made and you will have a team of people to support your purchase throughout the entire process. And, if you change your mind, you can send them back without any restocking or return fees.

Can I speak to someone in person?

Of course! We are ready to answer your questions every day via telephone: 905-760-9555. Once you get in touch, you'll be assigned a personal Order Fulfillment Specialist who will answer your questions or take care of your order, from the initial enquiry to after delivery.


Is the Quality Really That Good?

High quality has been mandate at KROFT since day one. It is the reason we decided to make everything in-house. We employ academically and professionally skilled furniture makers to see the process through from start to finish. We do employ new age technologies for the production of some of our products but the same standards apply to everything we make. Our process begins with purchasing the finest materials and then concludes with respecting those materials right through to the very end. A respect for the materials means knowing how to work with them and most importantly knowing how to finish them.

Tell me more...

We design and build our products with you in mind. Our customers are often looking for something that is made to stand the test of time at an accessible price. While we recognize that we aren't exactly "democratizing" good design, we do believe we are providing amazing value. It's no secret that well made furniture and objects take time to produce and require more expensive components. Take the drawer slides in our nightstand for example. We use the best hardware on the market which costs almost 9 times what a lower end alternative would. If you are willing to pay a little extra to get a lot more, our products are for you! Being a direct to consumer brand means we can offer you this great value at a better price point than others who sell furniture with a comparable standard through retailers. Every piece of ours has a custom feel and we stand behind our work whether you are purchasing a $3000 console or a $38.50 hook.

Do you offer custom work

There are three ways to purchase from KROFT:

1. Buying stock items from our online store.

2. Ordering modified items from our store. Customers often have custom requests. For ie. You may want our Nightstand but in a different dimension, finish or to serve a different function. In this case, just email us with your custom request and we will get back to you with your modification fees (complete form at bottom of page).

3. Custom. This is for customers who like our aesthetic and quality but want something that we don't currently sell. In this event, get in touch with us with the details of your request and will begin working on a custom quote (complete form at bottom of page).

We also have a made-to-order series which you can view here.

Orders & Payments

How do I place my order?

Ordering is easy. Just browse through our shop, select the product and enter your information at checkout. After the purchase is made, we will notify you as the product is ready for shipping and then once it is delivered.

How can I pay for my order?

We currently accept most major credit cards, Apple Pay as well as PayPal. Your card is charged once the order is placed.

Shipping & Delivery

Which countries does KROFT ship to?

We ship everywhere.

How much do you charge for shipping?

We work with a variety of carriers to offer you the most economical shipping options. Shipping is calculated at check out.

How long do I have to wait for my products?

We do our best to stock inventory of our entire product line. The shipping lead times posted on the product pages are generally worst case scenarios. Please allow an extra 3-5 days for your product to arrive on top of the lead times posted on our product pages.

What can I do if a product arrived damaged?

Our aim is to provide furniture that is fully functional upon receipt and without flaws. Once you have received your delivery, please inspect it for quality. If you are unhappy with the condition of your new product, email us at and someone will reach out within 4 business hours.


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