Our Work

Honestly made furniture with a design language that speaks to the human soul

In a time where so many things are disposable, we long for things that ground us. Furniture and design has the ability to live on; both culturally, socially and functionally. Design plays an important role in facilitating more fulfilling and engaging lives. Our founder, Dustin Kroft, is motivated by these concepts and the responsibility that comes with them. These byproducts that result from good design define the KROFT spirit.

We are known for producing furniture that is small on decoration but large on craftsmanship and quality materials.

Our products have been celebrated and recognized by the local and international media. 

Architects and designers have commissioned our work for a variety of residential and commercial projects that can be seen across Canada and the United States.

We are dedicated to slowly developing our own original products but we also create one-off unique custom furniture and objects. Our work can be seen thriving in environments ranging from condo's to hotels. Find it today at these participating retailers.