Why shopping local matters when it comes to furniture

When we started, making our products locally was important to us. It was hard to imagine being so passionate about something only to leave the work to someone else continents away.  There is a connection to the entire process that we just couldn't do without. The feeling of getting fresh lumber delivered, the smell of the wood being machined, seeing the wood come to life after being finished; these things all result in a better product for you.

Here are some of the benefits of investing in furniture that is produced by a small maker like us

Better Quality

There are brands that outsource their production to large factories that can still maintain good quality but for the most part when you purchase something is produced by disocunt websites like Wayfair or from some of the new Furniture brands, you are not getting the same quality. New furniture brands love to sell the designed in America or Canada but design doesn't keep your proudct from degrading sooner than it should. Furniture is designed to be made to last and we feel if we are going to harvest this precious resource, lets honor it by making it into something beautiful that will stand the test of time.

Knock down ships for less but does not hold up well over time

Again, we aren't going to make sweeping generalizations but knock down furniture doesn't join together the way traditional furniture does. That is with joinery and good quality glue. This is why we sell all of our bookshelves fully assembled. There is nothing worse than a piece of furniture that racks or wobbles once built.

Off gassing is real

When you purchase shelving and bookshelves from other marketing first furniture brands who produce their items overseas, you are likely getting a solvent and chemical heavy finish that will off gas in your home. You are also often getting veneer which is pressed onto formaldehyde ridden sheets of particle board and mdf. All of our products are made with solid wood and are finished with a low voc oil and wax.

Informed Customer Service

When you purchase furniture from us and have a question about a purchase or even a potential purchase, you are going to get an informed answer. You aren't going to get a customer service employee on the other end. You will be getting an answer from someone who actually makes the product you are inquiring about.

When you shop local, you are keeping our craft alive

As furniture manufacturing continues to shift overseas, there are less jobs for young people looking to work with their hands as a furniture maker. Without opportunities for careers, young people focus less on learning trades. Keeping vocations like design and fabrication alive is essential to building vibrant communities. Whether we are aware of it or not, good design and quality workmanship impacts our every day.

We need to love our planet

Because we work with our material every day, we are connected to it on a deep level. As exciting it is to see a lift of lumber arriving at our woodshop, it is also jarring. It is a stark reminder that our planet sacrificed this wonderful resource just so we could make something with it. We take this responsibility seriously and choose to honor this resource by making something that will last and turning this raw material into something beautiful.