Small Bookshelf

A Bookshelf series that is timeless both in design and construction

Our modern bookshelves all started with our small bookshelf. This particular bookcase spawned 3 other variations including our Bookshelf, Bookshelf Low and Bookshelf Wide. Check out our modern bookshelves to learn more about the different configurations. All were designed with the same goals; timless design, clean lines, premium materials and of course master craftsmanship. As Dieter Rams once said, "only something well made can be beautiful".

Low Bookshelf

How our modern bookshelves came to be

The original Bookshelf Small took some time to create. It wasn't exactly the type of wood or the basic form that delayed this small bookshelf from manifesting. It was the proprortions and dialing in the scale of the six pieces that interplay. Once the all iterating was complete, we had a feeling that this piece would be used to store more than just books.

Bookshelf Wide

After we received enough feedback and orders, the small bookshelf grew into a tall bookshelf which grew into a low and wide model. The wide model - shown above - is three tiers of solid wood goodness. It is largest size we can build that can be shipped fully built. Get ready for a large package at your door when it arrives. But it is really nice to not have to assemble this shelving. The bookshelf comes out of the box and is ready for use immediately. Building them in our facility also means you get a bookshelf that doesn't rack or wobble; even after years of use.

Small Bookshelf as a Side Table

More than just for books

Even though these are designed to be modern wooden bookshelves, they can be used in other ways throughout the home. Many customers have used the low bookshelf as a tv console and the bookshelf wide for open shelving in the dining room. Kids rooms have been filled with our small bookshelf and retail stores have even used this shelving to display product. It really is a versatile bookshelf. We do entertain some customizations for this product so feel free to send us your customization if you would like a quote.