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Best Closet Kit Value

One of the reasons we designed our hanging clothes rack was because we wanted to create a solution or an alternative to storing clothes in a closet or wardrobe. After a discussion with a colleague 3 years ago it became apparent that this everyday problem was not being solved from all angles. Not everyone has walk in closets or closet space in their bedroom. And not everyone can store their clothes in a large wardrobe. The struggle is real! And as designers it is our job to solve problems. This problem of people not having closets or solutions to store their clothes in their room was going to be the focus of how we developed our own modern closet kit.

Open Closet System Hanging

When you just need more space to hang your garments.

This conversation with a colleague about designing closet alternatives put the wheels in motion and gave birth to our hanging clothes rack or open clothes storage solution. Our ceiling mounted hanging clothing rail has been one of our best selling products since we launched it in late 2017. The clothes rack is can be found in rooms without closets all over the world and it has also been used as a solution for retail stores looking for clothing racks to merchandise apparel.

The market is filled with solutions for storing your clothes in your bedroom so we stayed away from some of the typical clothes racks that are available at places like Ikea or even the clothes storage rack by Normann Copenhagen.  These manufacturers provide great alternatives for clothing storage but require a larger footprint and more space then we felt was necessary to create a solution for hanging your clothes in your room.

Normann Copenhagen Clothes Rack

Many closet kits require floor space. Our clothes racks hang from your ceiling.

Because of this our focus was on a ceiling mounted solution for hanging your clothes. We thought about many different options but in the end opted for using 1/4” para cord as the material. We then designed ceiling mounting hardware to house the cord. The custom machined hardware had to be easy to use and look good. 

After all, if your going to have an open closet it has to look good! So the way to make your room without a closet work was almost there. We just need a rod for the clothes to hang from. After all, a clothes storage idea when you have no closet all rests on having something sturdy and well made to put your hangers on or even drape your clothes on.

Wood and Metal Closet Kits

Modern Closet System

We opted to create two closet kit solutions; metal and wood. The larger hanging clothes rack has a metal rod and the smaller version is made with wood. The wood is machined, finely sanded and then either finished with an oil or water based lacquer finish. The wood rods really are beautiful. We put a micro chamfer detail on all of the edges and the solid white oak adds warmth and texture to your room without a closet. The metal is sturdy and powder coated and is finished with solid wood end caps.

If you want to learn more about our hanging clothes rack, you can view alternative clothes storage systems in our shop.