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Top 5 Reasons our Fruit Bowl is Sweet

We are super excited about our new modern Fruit Bowl. We haven't released a new product since last year (our Double Wall Shelf series) and there is a reason for that. We are all about slow design. We like to be careful and intentional when we release new products and we believe our take on the fruit bowl is worth the precious resources that get used to make it. Here is why we we think our wood fruit basket is worthy of your produce.

It is made with only FSC certified solid wood

Like most of our products, the ingredients are always important. Furniture making is a lot like cooking, where the most important input is always the freshest and carefully harvested ingredients. Our fruit baskets are made with domestic ash which involves careful machining, sanding and finishing. The well selected solid wood adds some warmth to your kitchen.

It is not a fruit bowl

That is right. It is a fruit basket instead. The linear design of this fruit vessel allows for a more horizontal arrangement of your produce making everything just a little more accessible.

Fruit Basket Long

Built in ventilation for your fruit and vegetables

The other great thing about our fruit basket is the integrated ventilation. The two shelves that support your fruit and vegetables do not meet which creates a small channel at the bottom of our fruit bowl to allow for air to circulate through. This will allow all of the items in your fruit basket to

Fruit Bowl Modern

A finish worthy of a fruit bowl

We opt for an environmentally friendly finish on all of the fruit basket variations. Two options have a water based stain but are top coated with a low voc hard wax oil that is friendly for this application. You definitely don’t want your tomato busting open and leaking on this finish but non of the items in your basket will be exposed to any harmful off-gassing from either a high solvent finish or from an unnatural building material like

Wooden Fruit Bowl

It is but a humble little fruit basket

Like a lot of our furniture and accessories, the simplicity of this fruit basket design makes it friendly with other items in your kitchen. There are not major design elements in this fruit basket. The focus is on proportions, materials and craftsmanship. 

If you are looking for modern fruit bowls for your kitchen, take a look at the different options available today in our online store.