How a Canadian home brand utilized KROFT products to merchandise their Vancouver Pop Up

We love retail and we consider it a happy accident that our clothes racks, shelving and hooks end up as displays for many retail brands across the globe. From our hanging garment or clothes racks to our wooden wall hooks, there are lots of opportunity to use our handmade products as merchandising displays for fashion and home boutiques. We thought we would visit Sömn Home to see how they used our products as a retail display or merchandising solution for their Vancouver store.

In addition to some beautiful photos of our floating shelves and hanging clothes racks, here is a story about the launch of their very first showroom in Vancouver's historic Gastown.

Retail Clothing Racks

Tell us about Somn and what your products are all about

Our locally designed collection of premium eco-friendly linen sheets and cotton/bamboo bath towels have breathed new life into the often wasteful home textile industry. We’ve been proud to work with like-minded partners across North America as an online retailer, but we also understand the in-person appeal of a brick-and-mortar location. Our sustainably-oriented clients shop with intent. They are discerning and want to experience the products that will become part of their homes and lives, learning the stories behind them.

Retail Hanging Racks Modern

Why did you decide to launch a pop up in Vancouver

While online sales through our website will continue, our expansion into Gastown empowers us to meet increasing requests for more personalized service. We envision the new space will become a hub for collaboration and community where people can experience the natural, sustainable, lustrous, versatile, breathable fabric that has made Sömn a household name for linen lovers across North America.

Retail Shelving Modern

The new showroom is at 28 Water Street. It’s a fantastic space, seamlessly combining Gastown’s lively retail landscape with an intimate, boutique shopping experience.

How did you come up with your store design

True to our sustainable roots, we decided to restore instead of rebuild. We reused, repainted, and updated the fixtures as necessary, including swapping out existing lights for energy-efficient LEDs. Sourcing locally by buying from Canadian manufacturers such as KROFT and Luminaire Authentik. We also hung linen curtains, made from our heirloom-quality fabric, to help delineate floor space, including a pop-up section for small brands ready to test their products in a retail setting.

What can I expect if I come down to shop at your store

Visitors can expect personalized service and attention from professionals with in-depth knowledge of Somn’s products and sustainable practices. We will also be able to advise on size, colours, and pairings. As a place to meet the owners, perform exchanges/returns and casually browse, we hope our showroom will inspire lively conversation and idea exchange, enhancing the strong cohesion and feeling that make up the Vancouver Gastown community.

Learn more about Somn Home.