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A Wall Hook that isn't just for your Bathroom

Wall hooks are always a fun thing to design. From metal wall hooks to wooden wall hooks there is no shortage of products to hang your goods from.

We definitely wanted one in our collection and it was important it offered something a little fun and original. The original wall hook was larger in size but was still compromised of the same intersecting wood dowels.

After launching the mini version of our original valet wall hook, we realized the shrunken version was all we needed.

Modern Wall Hooks

So while our wooden wall hook functions much like the other hooks available, they are slightly unique in their design and one of the few premium white ash wall hooks on the market. We love using white ash because it is one of the only trees that need to be harvested due to the Ash borer beetle. It is also a great hardwood because of its density and also because it takes all kinds of finishes well.

The design of our modern hooks is simple; two intersecting hand turned dowels that form into the shape of a handle. The idea is to drape or hang things from the “stem” of the wall hook leaving the handle exposed. The introduction of wood to any space can always be somewhat cathartic. While these hooks are not dainty, they are not the best option if you require something super rugged.

Our wall hooks were designed to hang lighter items from like tote bags and can even be used as a swage to wrap cords around for lighting. Much like the diy lights found at the color cord company.

They also perform really well as a robe, towel or bathroom wall hook. A lot of the towels on the market these days feature integrated loops that slide nicely over our wall hooks when they are in a vertical orientation.

We invite you to be creative with our modern wooden hooks. We have even had customers use them as hardware for doors also known as a door pull.

Wooden wall hooks are sold as a pair and are available in a natural white ash, matte black or our vintage brown finish.