About Us

In a time where so many things are disposable, we long for things that ground us. Furniture and design has the ability to sustain and nurture. They can enrich our culture, facilitate more social engagement and improve the way we live our lives. These byproducts of thoughtful design are what defines the KROFT spirit.

Founder, Dustin Kroft

Dustin Kroft started his professional career in the service business. Kroft, an architecture buff and creative thinker, had an aching feeling that something was amiss in his work life. The timing of the sale of his first business coincided with an academic and personal pursuit of fine furniture making and design which helped him flow from one field to another. Risking everything, he knew that his passion for the craft and good design could be leaned on as he started a new business from scratch.

Listen to our Founder, Dustin Kroft, on a recent episode of Monocle's The Entrepreneurs.

After setting up shop and finding accomplished furniture makers to join his team, Kroft set out to build a furniture brand that would make accessibility its core objective.

When I started on this journey, I knew that a few things were going to be paramount; Unparalleled attention to detail, the perfect medley of form and function and service that would feel atypical of the furniture business.

Today, KROFT is a thriving local manufacturer that focuses on servicing their customers. Their goal is to design and build things slow enough that their customers will be able to appreciate fine craftsmanship, but fast enough that they can offer quick lead times and great value.

KROFT has been featured in Remodelista, Dwell Magazine, Design Milk, Design Milk Everyday, Monocle Magazine, Azure Magazine, House & Home, Interior Design Magazine amongst other media.