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Our new Bedside Table is big on charm but small in size

Our Bedside Table was initially meant to be a derivative of our bookshelf series. Three legs would touch both of the shelves to create a simple yet practicle small night table. There are no shortage of modern night tables. We try and stay away from brining new products into the market unless they are solving a problem that isn't being addressed adequately. While open storage on a bedisde table isn't exactly ground breaking, we felt this nightstand design was unique enough to warrant adding it to our collection.

Small Bedside Table

During the design process, founder and lead designer Dustin Kroft, was drawn not to what was in front of him but what wasn't. Aside from it being really annoying to access a lower shelf with a three-legged nightstand, it occured to him that the optics of a floating top shelf would result in a far more compelling bedside table.

Sure, this meant the top shelf wouldn't be able to bear as much weight, but the trade off seemed worth it. It is rare that a design leaps off of a computer screen model and into the real world without the need for iterations but this bedside table was meant to be and did just that. As soon as the model was built off the first set of drawings, it was approved for production. Originally, it was designed as an everyday side or accent table.

Modern small bedside table

But after prototyping and using it in his own home, the bedside is always where it ended up. A new product was born and we couldn't be happier with the result. The small night table is made entirely from solid White Ash. After the shelves are laminated together, the notches are cut, drilled and then sanded for finish. The legs are hand turned and drilled to pair with each shelf. The joinery; well that is a house secret.

All of these side tables, like every other piece of furniture in our collection is made in Toronto. Shop the natural finish (pictured above) or house blend vintage brown finish. The vintage brown finish is simply a stain with two top coats of oil and wax.

These bedside tables are designed and meant for lower beds, smaller rooms or as that perfect addition to a lonely corner in your home. The top shelf is strong enough to take most items that would go on an accent table but needs to be delicately handled. Any excessive weight on the front of the shelf could damage the unit. So, maybe keep it out of your nursery!

If you would like more information about our modern bedside tables or other products, send us a note. We often reply within two hours.