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The search for modern retail store fixtures ends here

Modern Store Displays

Tkees Miami Store: Clothes Rack Lg in Black finish.

Finding unique and modern retail store fixtures can be difficult; we feel your pain! That is why we are on a mission to design and manufacture store displays that can elevate your retail environment and make your product stand out.

It is purely an accident that our clothes display racks and other shelving products have become beloved by some of the best retail brands in the world. Most of our products are designed with the home in mind, but after launching our modern garment racks in 2018, they immediately started to pop up in fashion boutiques and clothing stores all over the world - From Singapore to Paris.

After closer examination, and feedback from retailers, it has become clear that many of our products support retailers in their efforts to merchandise there wares in an original, clean and modern way. This has prompted us to further examine the utility that some of our other products can offer when merchandising a modern retail environment. And if you don't see a store fixture or retail display product that suits your needs, stay tuned because we are launching more soon.

Here are all the products that we offer that can help you with everything from showing off your clothes on racks to displaying product on wood shelving.

Clothes Racks

Wood Clothes Racks

Modern Racks for Clothes

As you can see from the images above, our clothes racks can be used in a variety of retail environments. They are offered in 3 sizes and also in a variety of finishes. What is best about our clothes racks is that they are super easy to setup (see install video below for our Hanging Clothes Racks). We also super nerd out on the quality of all the ingredients so don't be fooled by some of the reasonable prices.

Feature Garment Racks

We also now have standing clothes racks which are great if you are looking for a feature garment display rack to show off some really special product. It is a wonderful fixture if you are looking for something a little more compact but still makes a statement.

If you are looking for a modern clothes rack that is original, our hanging clothes rack are the best option on the market. We say that because our hanging system is designed and produced entirely by us and we have considered every single aspect of the process. The mounting hardware for these racks is just as beautiful as the racks themselves.

Wood Garment Racks

Shelving, Mirrors and other Accessories

We also have a basket of other retail display and merchandising products that work great in a modern retail environment. Our shelving, bookshelves, bookcases and floating shelves add something unique to your store environment. If you sell high end clothing, you should have premium wood shelves that celebrate the same quality as the products you sell. Our products can be used in retail dressing rooms or on the floor scattered throughout your fashion boutique.

Retail Shelving Displays

We have also seen our table mirror popping up in places like eyeware stores. They are the cutest little mirrors that work great on your tabletop. The mirror is acrylic so you don't have to worry about the dangers of glass. They are lightweight and make for a great tabletop mirror.

Have a look at our wall shelving and accessories for more retail design inspiration.